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About Us


Valiant Optics was established in Czech Republic and offer high quality riflescopes and red dots for all kinds of shooting. Production is under strict control and all scopes are tested in hard conditions.
Scopes are suitable for all rifles, air rifles and other firearms. Valiant also offer a unique FBR reticle which provides the best conditions for sport shooting. Novelty of this year will be a special reticle for Field Target discipline which has been designed by European HFT Champion, Jakub Vicher.
Valiant is well known for a great customer service and professionality .

Since each shooter needs a specific requirements, Valiant offers a wide variety of different scopes in three product lines:

  • Themis
  • Zephyr
  • Triton

Each line has a specific features for a different shooters. But the best quality is ensured in all of them.

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