Themys 3-9x40 RAQ

The one-inch main tube and compact dimensions give the riflescope advantage for using it for small weapons. The main feature of this model are open turrets. This type of turrets is suitable for hunters and shooters who require fast correction. Riflescopes have variable magnification so you do not have to deal with the distance problem. We placed the parallax on the front objective to achieve a sharp and crispy view. It is adjustable from 10yds to infinity. We have also added a diopter correction from -2 to +2. All lenses were made of glass and coated with a special anti-reflective coating. Plastic caps which are protecting the outer lenses are included wich scope. If the sunlight is really sharp and coating is not sufficient for you, you can use sunshade which is also included in packing.

Target Shooting

With a thin reticle and more clear view, these are suitable for accurate target shooting. Developed with the competitors shooters


Easy and clear reticle with a wide eye relief allows quick target acqusition


RAQ reticle is particularly suitable for hunters. Thanks to its simplicity, it can be easily and fast adjusted. Reticle is gently etched into the glass system. It has a red illumination of the center point only with adjustable intensity.


Riflescopes are tested in extreme conditions to withstand immersion


1-piece main tube with special turret system give the riflescop insane shockproof ability

Etched reticle

Etched reticles offer the sharpest view and contrast of dots

Eye Relief

Wide angle eye relief will make your aiming much faster and you will not have to find the right position before shooting

Anti-reflective coating

Ensure no light transmission defects while you are aiming

Diopter correction

Diopter correction allows to set up the focus of reticle according to your eye. Adjustable from -2 to +2

Technical Specification

Magnification 3-9x
Main tube diameter25,4 mm
Lens Coating Multi coated Green lense
ReticleEtched Glass
Field of view @100 Yards402in - 125in
Exit Pupil12.5 - 4.4 mm
Eye Relief104 - 96 mm
Diopter Adjustment-2.0 / +2.0
Parallax TypeObjective Adjustment
Parallax Correction10 yds - infinity
Turret TypeLow Profile Turrets
Click Value @100 Yards ¼  MOA per Click
Illumination 11 scales of RED
Mounting Length125 mm (4.92 in)
Overal Length320 mm (12.6 in)

Parts Included